Our clients

Here are some of our recent clients and what they had to say about their experience with Lynn.

"Jake did a fantastic job designing a professional, sleek, functional website for our new brand. He was fantastic to work with! I highly recommend Lynn Digital."

David Foster

Camel City Catering, LLC

"The experts at Lynn Digital are professional, high quality, and conscious of deadlines. We look forward to working with them again."

Pablo Aabir Das

Reggora, Inc

"Jake did a great job accomplishing all tasks that were asked of him, I couldn't have done it without him. I plan on hiring him in the future for all of my other jobs."

Wade Garrott

SmartLock Self-Storage

Lynn Digital updated my company's web sites with a number of changes to help our staff communicate with and track our customers activity on the site...

...We worked with Jake, who was very courteous, responsive and knowledgeable about the server components and technology we use. We have a custom app to help our customers to register their information and to get downloads and support for our product. Jake helped us by adding a number of new features (and corrected some bugs that we have been needing fixed). He also helped us streamline routine tasks such as our contact us form, backups and an automated API to our customer email list. Our app is complex and unique, so it was difficult to convey the precise specs for changes. In spite of that, Jake was able to decipher what we wanted, and he provided live support during testing/implementation to immediately resolve items that we didn't communicate clearly. We will continue to use Lynn Digital for our web site development, maintenance and support.

Joe Denison

Access Solutions, Inc